Are these references safe to use?

[Featured Image Source: Poirot in Chiswick by Sarah Ross Licensed by CC] Guess who was given homework today? Yes, it's me and of course it's for my Informatics 103 class again. In this assignment I must present five references (three from the Biblioteca Madre Maria Teresa Guevera search engine and two from web search) and evaluate [...]


More about me & the blog

[Featured Image Source: Disneyland Entrance by Georgio Licensed by CC] Hello everyone! As part of my homework for Informatics 103 class, I added a new page to my blog titled: About. In this page you will find more information on some of the main topics will be discussing further on the blog. You'll also find a brief [...]

Never Grow Up, Disney Fans

[Source: Angelica by Tony Tran licensed by CC] Hi there, Disney fan! I have a few questions for you: Have you ever felt embarrassed for loving Disney? Has someone ever humiliated you for it? Has another adult come up to you and said you need to mature or grow up? If you answered yes to [...]

¿Podría vivir sin la web?

El pasado 27 de agosto de 2018, mi profesor de Informática 103 me preguntó lo siguiente: ¿Podría vivir sin la web? La primera respuesta que me surgió de inmediato fue no. Sin embargo, cuando escuche a uno de mis compañeros ofreciendo una opinión contraria,  volví a reflexionar sobre mi respuesta. Estuve toda una noche pensando [...]

Probando, probando, 1…2…3…

Saludos, amigos! En el día de hoy, me encuentro en la clase de Informática 103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. Estamos aprendiendo como utilizar y crear posts para el blog. [Trailer del curso por Antonio Vantaggiato] [Walt Disney Studios @disneystudios]