Welcome, foolish mortals

It’s October, my little children. The leaves are changing, the air is cold, the nights are becoming more longer and scarier than before as we approach the spookiest holiday of the season: Halloween

But fear not, my fair mortals. Though it may seem terrifying and strange, Halloween can be a fun holiday for thyself. Who doesn’t love to watch a good scary movie? or to read a frighting book? Visit a haunted house? Perhaps you’re more like me and like to gobble up all the candy or better yet… My favorite tradition of all, dressing up as someone different for one special night where you can be whoever you want to be.

These are some of my favorite Halloween traditions that I’ll be sharing throughout this month. As for today, I’m going to be telling you the story about my favorite unsettling spirit: the Hatbox Ghost.


[Source: Haunted Mansion by HarshLight Licensed by CC]

On August 9th of 1969 Disneyland opened the first and original the Haunted Mansion ride. This wicked mansion was suppose to be home for 999 ghosts… or was it? You see, there’s one ghost that everybody was terrified to meet, but he unfortunately (maybe lucky to some) vanished after the first two weeks of opening. According to imagineers, they remember precisely where they had left him to haunt, but nobody knew where the Hatbox Ghost had decided to take a hike.

Nevertheless Ol’ Hatty was never forgotten by his friends, since Disney had published quite a few things with his name written on it. There was pictures, books and an old record that described him like this: “He was a cloaked figure with an evil, grinning face. A hatbox hung from his hand. With each beat of his bride’s heart, his head disappeared from his body and appeared in the hatbox.”

Plus there were countless rumors circulating that he was still in the attic, once there was even a picture and video that proofed his residency. Was Mr.Hatbox hiding from us? Oh, but that didn’t make sense, he was never a shy ghoul from the start. He was an evil spirit that liked scaring all guests with his magic trick. And whenever that skeleton hand trembled with his crane, his head would disappear and reappear on the hatbox he held, grinning at you with a sinister smile from the darkness.


[Source: Haunted Mansion by HarshLight Licensed by CC]

But the question still remains, what did happen to Ol’ Hatty? and why did leave? Well according to the park experts, during Hatty’s first weeks of haunting in the attic, the lights weren’t helping him do his magic trick. He was very angry that he couldn’t scare anyone, but even more sad when he had to say goodbye to his ghostly friends, and especially to his lovely bride that had murdered him (or maybe he murdered her…).

When the park’s cast members removed Mr.Hatbox, he tempted to return, but got lost in an unfamiliar place where he slowly became dust and ashes. It wasn’t until a group of mortals called the doombugs used the Internet to summoned him back, that the legend of Hatbox Ghost became such a popular story that it reached the interests of his new creators. These imagineers were thrilled to bring him back, thus they began to search through every book and picture that they could find to conjure up this mad spirit with the use of technology and a little bit of magic.

Finally, during Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, the Hatbox Ghost reunited with the other 998 ghosts to haunt their new and improved home. From that day on he promised his fans to no longer hide from them in mysterious places, instead he’ll gladly be welcoming them to join him in the afterlife as soon as they can. After all, there’s still room for one more ghost in their mansion, be careful they don’t choose you.

[Source: welldressedandisneyobsessed.tumblr.com via Giphy]

Okay, okay… I couldn’t resist writing a good Halloween story built upon one of my favorite characters in the mansion. If you want the full and real story of the Hatbox Ghost, check out this well investigated short documentary by Disney History Institute on YouTube.

[Source: Disneyland History 1969 – Mystery of the Hatbox Ghost published by Disney History Institute]

[Featured Image Source: Haunted Mansion by Harshlight Licensed by CC]


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