Are these Disney parks haunted?

The Haunted Mansion at both Disneyland (Anaheim) and Walt Disney World are known as the home of 999 happy haunts such as the ghost Host, Hatbox ghost, Madam Leota, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Master Gracey, Constance Hatchaway and many more (characters may vary through park). You would never think that outside of these creepy mansions there be more ghosts, real ghosts, that might be lurking around the park. Unless you’re local or seeker of the spooks like myself, you may have heard of the spirits that are rumored to haunt the parks.

These spirits are said to be guests, cast members and imagineers that may have died at the area while on construction, riding the attraction or their ashes were simply spread on the spot. Though Disney hasn’t confirmed some of these urban legends as facts, they’re still very popular among the Disney community.

So without further ado, here’s a list of a few ghosts that might be wandering around the happiest place on earth:


Main Street at Night - Disneyland

[Source: Main Street at Night – Disneyland by SpokkerJones by Licensed by CC]

Walt Disney – It’s not a surprise that the first ghost on this list would be Walt Disney himself. According to various sources, sometimes people claim to have seen Walt Disney walking through the park at night enjoying what has become of his beloved land. However there’s another story that points one of Disneyland’s secrets as being haunted site, after Walt passed away in 1966, his apartment above the fire station on Main Street has always been kept clean by the cast members. One night when a staff member finished cleaning, she shut off the lights, but later returned to shut it again when she saw it light was still on. After attempting to turn it off for a third time, she heard a voice say “I’m still here.” and as she exited the building again she saw the drapes were drawn back “as if someone was watching her from the window.” (A. Wax, 2017). You know what this means, right? That whole keep the lights on as a tribute to Walt Disney may be total cover up of this story. (Probably not, guys, chill.)

Space Mountain Load Area

[Source: Space Mountain Load Area by Sean Rouse Licensed by CC]

Mr. One Way – As creepy as his name sounds, he’s actually known to be a friendly a ghost that is said to inhabit Space Mountain. He’s a large man with red hair and a red face, he’s dressed in 70’s clothes and likes to talk to guests while waiting in line. If he strikes up a conversation with you, you’ll soon realize that he’s unaware of the changes that have occurred since, well, 1970. So he doesn’t know anything about the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, Pixar Pier… heck! He doesn’t even know what California Adventure is. Other than talking, he also likes to accompany single riders during the ride and disappear right before the end of it.

Disneyland - Main Street

[Source: Disneyland – Main Street by Matt Robinson by Licensed by CC]

Lady in White – Another friendly ghost and in my opinion, the sweetest. The Lady in White is described as a women dressed in a 19th century gown that walks around Main Street. It’s said that she helps lost children to reunite with their parents by guiding them to the Disneyland Baby Care Center.

Little Leota, Haunted Mansion, Disneyland

[Source: Little Leota, Haunted Mansion, Disneyland by Cory Doctorow Licensed by CC]

The crying boy – After a mother lost her child, she asked for permission to spread her son’s ashes on his favorite Disneyland ride, the Haunted Mansion. Though Disneyland rejected her request, she spread the ashes anyway and it’s said the boy appears either on the doom buggy or at the end of the ride crying as you exit.

Walt Disney World

[Source: Untitled by Theme Park Tourist Licensed by CC]

George – This ghost is said to haunt the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. While the ride was under construction, there was an accident and a worker by the name George died on sight. Apparently cast members must bid goodnight to him at the end of the day, because if they don’t he’ll be causing lots of mischief the next day. Some of his tricks include shutting the ride down, creeping on guests and cast members, making phone calls from an empty control room, appear on the cameras, and more.

If you ask me, George is the one ghost I wouldn’t want to mess with. The others seem a lot more friendlier and less creepy. Of course, do keep in mind that these ghosts are only urban legends and though some of the deaths are real, that doesn’t mean they’re haunting these locations. Although if you do stumble upon these ghosts such as Walt Disney himself, be sure to ask him many questions about the park and studio… or maybe just freak out, scream and run like any sane person would do and later regret not interviewing a legend.

If anyone of you has ever heard about these stories or have experience something paranormal at the parks, comment down below your story. I’d like to know more about these and more ghosts of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks.

[Featured Image Source: Disneyland Halloween Time – 2013 Edition by Justin Brown Licensed by CC]


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