What is Magic Is Forever?

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magic Is Forever. From august 2018 – december 2018, this blog will be used for both my Informatics 103 class of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and my own personal use to write about my favorite company Walt Disney Co.

Here you’ll find various topics just about everything Disney such as their films, series, theme parks, video games, fashion and more. As well as some of their other companies like Marvel, Lucasfilms and Pixar. We’ll also be discussing what’s it like to be a Disney fan as a teen and adult in a world where growing up is mandatory, but the young at heart still pursue a little bit of magic.

You’ll be reading about all these subjects through the eyes of a fan who’s ready to explore and discover more about the world of Disney. So come along! Don’t be shy! You’re invited to follow me through this magical journey filled with princesses, princes, pirates, fairies, jedis and superheroes.

More about author

My name is Natalia Marie and I was born in 1997. At the present, I am a Public Relations student with a minor degree in foreign languages which are French and German at the Universidad Sagrado Corazon (USC).

Besides being a Disney fan, I like to consider myself to be a curios, adventures, creative and passionate person. Some of my passions are music, art, languages, history, pop culture and many more. It’s very hard for me to pick just one passion, that’s why I share them all.