Classic Disney Christmas Films

When it comes to making movie lists for the holidays, I'm your number one resource. Just kidding! I'm on finals next week, which is what led me to making a short entry for the blog. I don't want it to feel so lonely during the first week of Christmas! Which is why I made a [...]


Disney’s Halloween Movies

When the holidays approach, I tend to make a list of movies that relate to the festivities I'll be celebrating that month. Since Halloween is only one week away, I'd like to share the list I wrote with you guys that might help you decide on what to watch this next spooky Wednesday. This list [...]

Disney movies you need to watch on Netflix before they’re gone

If you happen to have a Netflix account and are a huge fan of Disney, you need to watch these movies before they're totally gone. Why? Because in the year 2019 Disney is launching their own streaming service called Disney Play and removing all their content from Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms. According to [...]