Dear Prince Charming (p.2)

If I could describe the night of the ball in one word, disaster nor heartbreaking wouldn't fit in. It was a ball! An amazing, spectacular, magical ball! To arrive to the castle, I was sent off on a horse and a very bumpy carriage. Once I entered, the knights granted me a V.I.P entrance, allowing [...]


Classic Disney Christmas Films

When it comes to making movie lists for the holidays, I'm your number one resource. Just kidding! I'm on finals next week, which is what led me to making a short entry for the blog. I don't want it to feel so lonely during the first week of Christmas! Which is why I made a [...]

My First Disneybound

Since I was teenager, I've always wanted to dress up as a Disney character at the parks. However, if you're familiar with Disney parks' dress code, you'd know that adult guests cannot wear costumes nor wigs that are similar to any of the characters inside the park. Disney does this in order to not confuse [...]

Disney movies you need to watch on Netflix before they’re gone

If you happen to have a Netflix account and are a huge fan of Disney, you need to watch these movies before they're totally gone. Why? Because in the year 2019 Disney is launching their own streaming service called Disney Play and removing all their content from Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms. According to [...]

Never Grow Up, Disney Fans

Hi there, Disney fan! I have a few questions for you: Have you ever felt embarrassed for loving Disney? Has someone ever humiliated you for it? Has another adult come up to you and said you need to mature or grow up? If you answered yes to some of these questions, I can assure you [...]