Becoming Cinderella

For the last four years in a row I've been dressing up as a Disney character for Halloween at my university. This year I decided to go as one of my favorite princesses: Cinderella. [Source: via Giphy] Since I was a child I've always admire Cinderella. Though she had a rough life and was [...]


Disney’s Halloween Movies

When the holidays approach, I tend to make a list of movies that relate to the festivities I'll be celebrating that month. Since Halloween is only one week away, I'd like to share the list I wrote with you guys that might help you decide on what to watch this next spooky Wednesday. This list [...]

Are these Disney parks haunted?

The Haunted Mansion at both Disneyland (Anaheim) and Walt Disney World are known as the home of 999 happy haunts such as the ghost Host, Hatbox ghost, Madam Leota, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Master Gracey, Constance Hatchaway and many more (characters may vary through park). You would never think that outside of these creepy mansions there be [...]